What is Product Description?

Product Descriptions highlight the features of your product along with technical specifications which is mentioned on the product page of your website. It gives shoppers a short description as to how the product can benefit them.

What is the importance of product descriptions for Google Ads?

Product descriptions play an important role in a Smart Shopping campaign's success. Whether a Smart Shopping Ad appears for a search is often a direct result of the information contained within the description field of the product feed. For this reason, description optimization should be of top priority if the focus is to maximize the Google Smart Shopping campaign's performance.  

Additionally, incorporating product descriptions to the feed also improves the Clickthrough rate and shopping ad visibility.

What are the specifications that need to be implemented for creating product descriptions?

1. Titles and descriptions in the product feed should be unique and differentiate each product in your inventory. This helps ensure the right product is shown for specific search queries.

2. Descriptions should be keyword rich and meaningful to the user, containing sufficient product information

We recommend that you submit 500 to 5000 characters.  

Here are some of the best practices on how to display your product description-

1. Be specific and accurate-  The more specific you are in your description, the easier it is for users to identify the product they are searching for.

2. List the most important details in the first 160 - 500 characters. You can include up to 5,000 characters.

3. Include your product’s most relevant features and visual attributes. For Example-

  • Size

  • Material

  • Intended age range

  • Special features

  • Technical specifications

  • Shape

  • Color

  • Features/USP 

4.  Well- formatted descriptions-  Users find descriptions easier to read when they are well-formatted. 

  • Include bulleted lists to increase the readability of your description

  • Use professional and grammatically correct language

  • Don’t use foreign characters. For example-  (ಠ_ಠ) 

  • Don’t use capital letters for emphasis 

  • Don’t include promotional text such as price, sale price, sale dates, shipping, delivery date etc