The most important part of running a successful marketing campaign is knowing when to refresh your ad creative. Doing so will not help you acquire more prospects, but also help you get the most return from your investment

Here are some of the best practices to follow-

1. Ad Text Rotation - Keep your creative fresh and relevant as it is critical for grabbing and keeping your customer’s attention. If they are constantly seeing the same ad in a high frequency, there is a strong potential that the messaging will get stale.

For example - Highlight a new product or offer which might be more relevant to what your audience is currently looking for.

2. Refresh creatives -The general rule of thumb is you should refresh your creative once a month if your campaign has a low per day spend or inventory changes are not very frequent, and once every two weeks if the spend is high or inventory changes are frequent as the clicks get fewer and fewer over the time.

3. Run Multiple Ads - Instead of editing your existing ads, try creating new ads to test how well different versions of your ad perform simultaneously. This way, your original ad will keep running while you see how your new versions perform. As for Google Ads, it automatically shows better-performing ads more often by default.

Here are some tips- 

1. Google Smart Shopping Marketing Image can be updated once every 30-45 days. Different products can be reflected in the creative with Ad rotation.

2.   Update Brand search Ad text once every 20-35  days with fresh offers/ New product categories etc.