If your account is suspended, your items will no longer show in shopping ads. They will, however, still be available for other destinations. 

The following are some reasons for Google Merchant center suspension with solutions:

1. Insufficient contact information

Google requires that you provide an email address, phone number, and physical location on every page of the site, rather than merely on the Contact Us page. If this is not the case, Google will suspend the Merchant Center.

Solution - Make sure your site provides users with at least two of the following types of contact information: physical business address, phone number, or email. 


2. Insufficient payment information

Solution - Make sure to add payment icons at the bottom of the pages

Make sure that before checkout: 

  • Your site clearly lists all payment methods accepted. (Accepted payment methods & payment gateways)
  • You clearly state the full expense that a user will bear before and after purchase

3. Unsupported payment methods: 

Solution - Make sure that at least one conventional payment method is available to users during checkout. Examples of some conventional payment methods are credit cards, debit cards, invoicing, and payment on delivery.

4. Missing refund policy: 

Solution - Make sure to include a return and refund policy that clearly states how you handle these actions, including all requirements and any timelines. If returns and refunds are not accepted, you’ll need to clearly state this on your site.

5. Missing Important Pages or clarification

Solution – The below-mentioned pages must have easily accessible (linked in the footer of the store site)

  • Terms And Conditions of browsing the online store. 
  • Privacy Policy declaration as per the local laws.
  • Shipping and Returns policy as per the local laws.


6. Incorrect Tax information/Missing Tax information

Solution - You can specify tax information at the account or product level. An Account level tax setup should be sufficient. You can set up the tax info under Sale tax in Tools & settings of GMC

7. Misrepresentation

Refer to the link for shopping ads policies https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/6149970?hl=en&visit_id=637505424667402796-1918361955&rd=1 

If you find all the policies are met, request for review. 

8. Domain Redirection

Google requires that the domain you provide in the feed's product page links is EXACTLY the same as the domain people end up on after clicking on the ad. This means that, if the product page link in the catalog is "https://www.website.com/product-x", then the product page link on the site has to be the same. It can't be "https://www.website.co/product-x" or "https://www.website.in/product-x". It must be exactly the same. If not, Google interprets it as an attempt to game the system, which will lead to an immediate suspension.

The product page URL in the google feel and product page in the website needs to be the same.

9. Assorted Violations of Shopping Ads policies

These violations include, and are not limited to:
a. Collecting the follow data over "http://" server connections:

  • Usernames and passwords

  • Payment information

  • Personally Identifiable Information

b. Misleading customers into believing they are getting free products when in reality, the "free" product is available only after purchasing something else.

a. Get SSL encryption for your site i.e. "https://"
b. Make no references to free products on your site: an alternative might be "Get two for the price of one"

If your account has been suspended, you can request a review using the Request review button. You can only request a review if there are no other pending requests. If your account has multiple policy issues in the same country of sale, the review will apply to all issues for that country of sale.

If your account is suspended, you'll have 2 opportunities to request a review.

Instructions for requesting a review for Merchant Centre Suspension:

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center Account.
  2. Click Products on the navigation menu, then click Diagnostics.
  3. Click the Account issues tab.
  4. Locate the account-level issue that you would like to have reviewed.
  5. Make sure that there are in-stock products uploaded and all issues for the affected country of sale are resolved.
  6. Click Request review.
  7. Read the pop-up window to ensure that you understand the review process, and its requirements and limitations.
  8. Check the box and click Request review.

 Review requests can take up to 7 days to complete. You’ll receive an email notification once the review has been completed.


If you find it difficult to figure out what is wrong with the store site or product feed, kindly contact the support team through the link of "Contact Us" given in the suspension notice and ask for additional information on what can be done to get the account reinstated. 

Refer to the link for common disapproval issues with solutions - https://support.google.com/merchants/contact/suspended