What is Feed Match Rate? 
The match rate for your product feed shows you the health of your integration for dynamic remarketing.

FMR = (# of product views that match products in your feed) / (# of total product views) 

Why is it important? 

Dynamic remarketing ads are shown to people who have previously visited your site & display ads with specific product information that is tailored to your customer’s previous site activity. Dynamic remarketing works under the smart shopping campaign. 

Match rate of 80% and above are acceptable which represents that Merchant centre product id exactly matches with the id in website tags. 

How to check FMR in GAW? 

Login to google ads > Click on Tools & settings > Click on Audience manager under shared library > go to Audience sources / Your data sources > Click on details for Google Ads tag Card > Under Data source hits change date range to 30 days > Change the metric from Hits to Match rates (retail) > Check the Feed Match rate for 30 days with graph representation of it. 

Possible Reasons for Low FMR:

- Product IDs in the feed have changed.

- Tag isn't recording the product ID or mismatch with website product id.

- Any changes made in the Configuration that affects product id.

- Gtag has been pasted on the website backend that overrides product id from tags. 

- GTM code is removed from the website.

- Feed Url isn't working.

How to improve the low FMR? 

- Make sure gtags are removed from the site. 

- Make sure all the products on the site are present in the catalogue, including variant pages.