Story ads are the ads that are visible on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger stories. Here are some practices that can be followed to ensure that we're making the most of this interactive format. 

  1. Create the ad in the correct dimensions i.e 1080*1920. These ads will have the best impact when they cover the user's entire screen.
  2. Update story ads every 2-3 days. 
  3. Create new story ads twice in a week. 
  4. Videos/Slideshows usually do better on the story ads because they run without being prompted, try to create more ads in this format. 
  5. For a carousel story ad we recommend adding up to 3 cards. 
  6. For a slideshow story ad we recommend adding up to 5 cards.
  7. The landing page should be the product page.
  8. While creating a story ad, enable the auto-ad text and auto-product rotation. It helps in maintaing the performance of the story ads by increasing their CTR% of story ads and maintaining their performance.

Given below are some Facebook recommended apps to create "thumb-stopping" story creatives- 

  1. RIPL
  2. VideoShop
  3. Unfold
  4. Mojo
  5. Adobe Spark Post
  6. Adobe Photoshop Mix
  7. Boomerang
  8. Plotaverse
  9. Quik

Given below are examples of some engaging story ads.