Add to cart rate is the percentage of website visitors who add a product to their shopping cart.

It is defined as Total No. of add to carts/ Total No. of landing page views.


How can I improve my Cart Rate?

1. Product Recommendations- Implementing product recommendations/ related products on product page drives good value, customers who add recommended products to their carts have a higher tendency to make a purchase.

2. Remove Checkout distractions- Remove any banners, extra links, Share on buttons that divert users away from the website before completing the purchase.

3. Implement Add to Cart as a sticky button- A huge percentage of users abandon their carts if their shopping cart is not visible. Implementing add to cart as a sticky button on mobile view can help increase the add to cart rate.

4. Redirect to cart/ Continue to Shopping Page- It is likely that majority of the users who visit our website will order one item, a good option is to redirect them to cart page for easy checkout.

5. Consider removing any reviews, as not all products may have reviews and this can tamper the add to rate.

6. If you have a website into Apparel, Shoes always include a size chart.

7. Remove any chat extensions like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger which diverts traffic from the product page. It is recommended to have an in-built chat option instead.

8. Remove Out of stock products from the related/ recommended products on the product page.

9. Multiple images for each product with zoom out feature for the product.

10. Replacement and return policy should be clearly indicated on the product page.