What is Dynamic Re-targeting?

Dynamic ads essentially target past users who have visited and engaged on your website, showing them relevant products based on previous interests with a higher conversion rate. 

Below is the checklist of points to be implemented when your Dynamic Ads do not perform:



Steps to implement


Overlapping Audience, Size too small

Use Broad Audience

Rejected Products

Ads being paused by Facebook over and over again

Ensure that no rejected products or products that violate Facebook policies are among your product set

Incorrect Event Tracking

Campaign/ Adset would be performing like Prospect

Check the Event like and View content and Add to cart, they must be green/all set.

Pixel Tracking

Impressions not be served in the Adset 

Check events like View content, AddToCart with the help of Pixel helper


Match percentage

Check if all products are updated on Facebook Catalog so that they are re-targeted

Images are not compelling


Better images and ad copies to be promoted

Apply Overlays



Brand, Image, Strikethrough Overlays help in higher CTR thus giving a boost in performance