Targeting level changes

  1. Switching to only prepaid orders and the same can be highlighted in the ad creatives with some discount % or coupon codes.

  2. Safety practices can be added to the creative. For example, a separate card at the end of the carousel can be added    as shown in the image below.

 3. Safety practices, precautionary measures, etc. can run as a separate creative and targeting existing Instagram, Page and Website visitors. There are also to be communicated via the Socia Media handles regularly! (Story updated every 24 hours)

4.CPM has come down by 35%. ROAS analyzer highlighting the trends of all funnel metrics below - 

5. Instead of shutting down the campaigns due to RTO’s, non-serviceable by Shipping partner, High cancellations. We would recommend running the campaigns with a minimal budget and do more engagement with your existing visitors of Website, Facebook & Instagram 

6. We also recommend running the campaigns with a Landing page or view content as an objective. Eventually, it helps us to re-target the large pool of audience once the impact starts reducing. 

7. You can set up an Instagram store for your brand during this time which helps the user to navigate to the right products from Instagram profile and feed which saves additional clicks and increases the chances of conversion ultimately benefits you post COVID pandemic.

Website level changes

  1. Discounts on prepaid orders will help in encouraging the users to make the payment online eventually leading to fewer cancellations and returns. 

  2. Alternatively, you can remove cash on delivery option and highlight the same across all ads and in the product pages and checkout pages.

  3. Highlight the hygiene measures followed by the brand during the entire process before delivering the product.


4. Auto mailers with content about the preventive measures taken by the brand can be sent to the Product viewers, Subscribers, Add To Cart abandons, etc.

5. Delay in the delivery, Expected dispatching period, etc. should be highlighted on the website where brands are facing high RTO’s and cancellations due to this.

Operational Level changes

1. Along with the order confirmation mail, the brand should highlight the preventive measures about the delivery process, expected delay in the delivery due to the impact, etc.

2. Regular engagement with the Instagram and Facebook page’s followers to keep them updated about Order status, precautionary measures are taken by the brand, sharing ideas and suggestions for better safety helps to build brand reputation.

3. Calling and confirming all the Cash On Delivery orders before dispatching to avoid cancellations and RTO’s

4. Screen all the delivery addresses and avoid dispatching the orders, if an office or commercial address is mentioned. Alternatively, reach out to the customer for different delivery address preferably residential addresses.

5. Promote “Contactless Delivery” - The delivery person will leave the package outside the door on a clean surface.