Why create new creatives?

When the ads are shown to your target audience too many times the frequency increases, click-through rate drops and your cost per click increases. In order to avoid ad blindness, you should consider creating new creatives or updating the ones with low CTR.

Why should you keep refreshing your ads?

  • Increases CTR, Decreases frequency. This reduces Ad fatigue
  • Decrease in cost
  • Ads with low CTR are more expensive, whereas ads with high CTR generates more clicks within budget.

Tips & Tricks for Ad rotation-

  • Pause ads with extremely low CTR and ROAS
  • For Ads which have performed well previously and currently the ROAS has dropped - consider updating them by making certain tweaks in the ad text
  • Update ad images instead of changing the entire creative
  • Converting Newsfeed ad to carousel/ Slideshow etc also helps.
  • Consider updating Story ads once in every 7 days
  • Introduce Overlays - Consider swapping between price, image, brand overlays from time to time to get rid of ad blindness and grab user attention (Click here to know more about Overlays)
  • Auto Rotate ad text - This feature on the AdYogi platform enables you to upload 5 ad texts for Dynamic creatives all at once and it automatically rotates the text weekly basis. It not only saves time in updating the ad copies manually but also improves CTR

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