Branding Campaigns Vs View Content Optimised?

  • Branding campaigns are generally optimized for reaching out to more people, the quality of the audience is not taken much into consideration.

  • Incase of View content optimized, the people who can be your potential customers are reached out and made to visit your product pages.

How it can benefit?

  • The audience visited the relevant pages on the website can be retargeted even at depth of category level.

  • If you have good video ads, there is a bonus benefit for you. People who have watched the video ads for a high duration can be effectively retargeted. (i,e: People watch more than 75% of the video).


1.) Campaigns:

  • Any Existing Prospect campaigns in either Conversions/Catalog Sales objectives can be utilized for the View Content Optimised campaigns.

  • New prospect campaigns can also be created and used for View content optimized Campaigns.

Note: Engage & Dynamic campaigns are not recommended for view content optimization as the idea is to retarget at a later stage.

2.) Targeting:

  • It is advisable to have niche targeting when you optimize for View content optimization. 

  • Not advisable to have any open demographics persona.

  • Lookalikes can even be limited to conversions based.

3.) Naming Convention:

  • Please add View Content to the campaign name at the last.

(i.e) SATI_3293_adyogi_Conversions_Prospect_Cardio_View Content

4.) Website Changes:

  • We would recommend running at prepaid orders. In case if you wish to continue with Cash on Delivery, the best practice will be to incentify the users for prepaid orders.

  • The general disclaimer of “Delivery/Order processing will be initiated after the Lockdown” can be mentioned on the website.

5.) Ad Copies:

  • Ad copies can have, Call to Action such as “Learn More”.