What are Overlays?

Overlays can help you to place a banner on the ad. Often, when you are struggling to compete with similar-looking posts consider using Overlays as this breaks the uniformity and makes it easier to catch users’ attention in the news feed since it refreshes the creative. It is a good way to avoid ad fatigue for the target audience.

You can customize the ads by using different overlay options as mentioned below: 

1. Price 

2. Image 

3. Brand 

4. Strikethrough 

5. Frame

What are the benefits of using Overlays?

1. Price Overlays-

This feature allows you to add prices to custom ads by showcasing the exact/ discounted prices for your products in the catalog. This feature works well, especially during the Sale period when you wish to show the users the discounts your brand is offering if any. 

2. Image Overlays-

This feature will help you to add an image to your ads. Such overlays can be implemented during the festive season to promote ads with a festive touch. 


3. Brand Overlays-

It allows you to add a Brand Logo to your ads. In this case, if you are using a carousel ad format, the logo will be visible on all the carousel cards. Brand Overlay works well to grab user attention and achieve a high Click-through rate by increasing brand recall/ recognition. 


4. Frame Overlays- 

Frame Overlays are a great way to promote a festive feel through ads. They tend to make your creatives eye-catchy just by adding a frame to it. The user engagement is high in this case and also helps in increasing CTR. Here are some of the examples of clients who implemented X'mas and Women's Day Overlays.

5. Strikethrough Overlays-

Strikethrough prices have the advantage of showing price reductions through ads to the user. These overlays perform well during the Sale period wherein the advertiser can show original price along with discounted prices for higher engagement and click rates. 

6. Discounted Overlays- 

If you are running time-sensitive sales where you need to display discounted prices you can always use the discounted percentage off overlay feature to make your ads stand out. This helps in grabbing user attention by displaying percentage off on regular prices.

7.  Custom Overlays- 

You can now upload the custom-made overlays of your choice and add them to your creatives while creating ads to make them more engaging. You will be able to find this option below the 'Create' section on the AdYogi platform. Visit Creative Studio > Click on Upload Overlay Option.

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