How do you define a good Ad text?


An Ad text is the written descriptive part of your ad that highlights features/ USPs of your product or brand. It also helps in communicating special offers and discounts that you are offering to the customer. A good ad text can play an important role in making your ad campaign a success.


Tips and Tricks for writing a good Ad Text:-


1. Keep the ad text short. It should not be too long so that even a glance can get the essence of your ad text across to your target audience. Try and use not more than 2-3 lines


2. Keep it simple. It should be easily understandable to the target audience. 


3. You can use upper case for the part of your ad text that you want to highlight. Although, be sure to not overuse it in your ad text as that would defeat the purpose. 


4. You can use your ad text to emphasis on the USP of your product and/or your brand to grab audience attention

5. Your text description should be in sync with the product displayed in the ad. For example, if your ad text states that you are offering a 10% discount on Kurtas, then the product displayed in your ad should also be Kurtas.

6. Ad text can be a good tool to promote the discounts that you are offering. You can also provide coupon codes in your ad text to encourage more people to visit your website.

Here are some examples of how our clients have used ad text to make their campaigns more effective:-