What is an ad text?

An Ad text is the written descriptive part of your ad that highlights features/ USPs of your product or brand. It also helps in communicating special offers and discounts that you are offering to the customer. A good ad text can play an important role in making your ad campaign a success.

Good Ad Text


  1. Keep it short and crisp

Keep the ad text short. It should not be too long so that even a glance can get the essence of your ad text across to your target audience. Try and use not more than 2-3 lines

  1. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication 

Keep it simple. It should be easily understandable to the target audience. 

  1. Caps to accentuate anything specific

You can use the upper case for the part of your ad text that you want to highlight. Although, be sure to not overuse it in your ad text as that would defeat the purpose. 

  1. Highlight what makes you unique

Free shipping? Dazzling variety? Tell people! Showcase the products, services, or offers that make you competitive. Highlight your USPs. 

  1. Include prices, promotions, and exclusives

People often use Google search to make a decision about something. Give them what they need to decide. If you have a limited-time discount or stock an exclusive product, say so.

  1. Empower customers to take action

Are you selling something? Tell people what they can buy. Are you offering a service? Tell people how to contact you. Calls to action like purchasecall todayorderbrowsesign up, or get a quote make clear what the next steps are.

  1. Match your ad to your landing page

Have a look at the page that you're linking to from your ad (the landing page), and make sure that the promotions or products in your ad are included there. People might leave your website if they don’t find what they expect.

  1. Check for common ad text mistakes

In order to make sure all ads are high quality, every ad must meet high professional and editorial standards. That means no extra spaces, sTrAnGe CAPITALIZATION, or unclear URLs, to name a few.

  1. Be careful when calling out the price in ad copies 

e.g. save more, great deals. The customer will land on your website thinking that they will save money or will be a low-priced product. When we call out price, we encourage traffic from value-conscious people. They will find our product expensive and hence will get us no conversion. As an instance, let’s say there is a premium product, price can never be the differentiating factor. So, one should not be using things like 'save more' which should be bringing irrelevant traffic to our website with no potential to convert.


  1.  Separate ad text for dynamic ads

The dynamic ad text can be a little different from the prospecting ad text and should involve an element of personalization and should create an urgency in the minds of the viewers that they should purchase the product. An example of the same could be “you left us hanging on the cart, complete your purchase now.”

  1.  Don't add website URLs in the ad text diverting the traffic.

  2.  Try minimalist and decent emojis in the ad text.

  3.  Don't include many hashtags in the ad text