What is Product view per session?

Product view per session is the average number of products a potential customer has viewed during one session on your online store. Here is a checklist of Do's and Dont's to be implemented on the product page in order to increase your product page view per session-

Do's -

1. Use high-quality product Images - Product images must be compelling and high-quality for higher conversions. It is also a great way to show your visitors what they are getting and also helps in visualizing the product better. Also, it is recommended to showcase multiple images of different angles of the product.

2. Showcase reviews and personal reviews - User who has visited your website or the first time might have doubts with regards to product quality. Allowing your satisfied customers to share their experiences validates the quality of your product. Products with customer reviews have 10% higher conversion rates

3. Product Description - Apart from Images, purchases also depend on the Product description. Make sure your product descriptions are full, clear, and substantial. 

For example- If your e-commerce store is into apparel you can mention details on the material of the product, whether the suit set includes Dupatta, Kurti, whether it is stitched of semi-stitched, length, size etc.    

4. Highlight a clear Call-to-action -  Ensure Add To cart button on the product page is a prominent feature, should be identifiable and prompt users to take an action. In the mobile view, it could be shown as a sticky button.

5. Related/ Recommended Products - One of the best ways to upsell or cross-sell to customers is to display related products on your product pages. Product recommendations are responsible for an average of 10-30% of eCommerce site revenues.


1. Social sharing buttons - It is recommended to remove social buttons from the product page since it diverts the user from the website to a completely different app not allowing them to complete the purchase. Social buttons can be mentioned on the Home page instead.

2. Customer reviews - Avoid showcasing negative customer reviews on the product page. Also, if the number of reviews is few in number, we recommend not showcasing them at all.

3. Recommend Non- relevant products - Ensure relevant products are mentioned below Recommended product section as this will personalize the shopping experience by recommending and cross-selling products that enhance the use of the item they are interested in. If executed effectively cross-selling can help in increasing your average order value (AOV).

For example - If the user is viewing a Kurta then it is suggested to show them more patterns or other types of Kurtas that they might be interested in. Avoid showing an unrelated category like jewellary, shoes etc

4. Overlook naming your product - The product name should be as detailed as possible so it is easier for a potential customer to search what they are looking for. This will also help in Google Shopping campaigns where a specific and accurate title will help us show your product to the right users.

5. Mention COD charges - Avoid showcasing any extra COD/ Shipping charges on the product page as this deters the user from adding to cart. Consider including these additional charges in the product price instead.