1. Creative level changes :


         Outdoor or better quality photos/video shoot:

  • Use fancy images taken during photoshoots in the custom ads.
  • Use better quality images/videos for higher engagement.

         Use Influencer or user-generated Content in ads: 

  • Click here to know how influencer content helps in ads.

         Custom overlays designed by clients:

  • You can now upload the custom-made overlays of your choice and add them to your creatives while creating ads to make them more engaging.
  • Click here to understand the benefits of using overlays.

         Focus on product videos and not category videos:

  • Helps you select the best-selling product for your brand and create a video. Single Product Videos give an uplift in click-through rate which helps in increasing the overall conversion rate.
  • Prices must be mentioned in the headline.
  • The landing page should be of that particular product.

          Try advanced creative formats e.g. carousel video ads that stand out.

          Festive specific ad messaging:

  • Update the ad text of the ads during festive seasons. 
  • For Example Diwali ad text, Holi ad text, Women’s day messages, etc.

           Use Discount Codes in the ad text:

  • Create some offers behind your ads For Example -  A coupon code such as "CART10" with an additional 10% discount may help your CTR as well as your overall conversions. Users will browse your site for longer when they know that they can avail a discount.

        Auto Rotate of ad text:

  • Rotation of ad text across all Smart, Custom, and Dynamic ads. 
  • Click here to know more about this feature.

2. Campaign level Changes :

         Special discount for add to cart audience:

  • Use different ads with discount codes and offers for the ATC audience in the retargeting campaign.
  • This will help in increasing the transaction rate. 

         Start campaigns on different platforms:

  • Diversify platforms on which you are running the ads e.g. Start with YouTube ads, Discovery ads, etc.

            Click here to know how to set up Youtube and Discovery ads from the AdYogi platform.  

  • Start with Google campaigns to push more intent-based audiences on the website.


3. Website level Changes :

        Separate sale section on the website:

  • In case of a sale, have a separate section on the website for the same.
  • This will help the audience navigate easily on the website. 
  • Avoid mixing new collections with sale collections. 

        Introducing new arrivals at regular intervals:

  • Collections on the website can be refreshed and new products to be added at regular intervals.
  • For apparel, shoes, jewelry, and other fashionable categories updating the collections are very important. 

        Post on social pages to build organic traffic on the website:

  • Post content regularly on Facebook/Instagram pages to build organic traffic.
  • This helps in increasing the retargeting audiences and improves the number of conversions. 

        Website Flow Checklist:

  • Refer to this document to ensure a smooth website flow.

        Use CRM marketing tools: 

  • Use CRM marketing tools in order to manage the relationship with customers throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • The automated tools capture relevant data about every customer and their activities and automatically generate personalized and relevant customer communications.
  • Example - Wigzo AI-driven marketing automation platform for customers to send SMS, Whatsapp, email notifications to the customers.