Efficiency & performance issue is something that every brand faces. The performance can be impacted by a lot of things. It can be a rising CPM, dipping CTR, unstable Landing Page View %, a low AOV, or a diminishing cart rate. Other than just these metrics, your targeting, creatives, etc play a big role too. In the below article, we shall be discussing the first thing you have to check in case your performance is in a dipping trend.

1. Check the ROAS Analyzer:

How to find it? Go to app.adyogi.com > on the left-hand side, click on Analytics > ROAS Analyzer

The ROAS Analyzer section essentially helps you with insights based on the 6 most metrics that directly contribute to the final ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for Facebook & Google both. It helps in determining the reasons for the increase/ decrease in ROAS and the next steps to be taken in order to improve the same.

Here, you can find which of your 6 important metrics is on a dipping trend. We recommend looking at the Last 7 Days' data to the Last 30 Days' data to better understand your metrics. Find below the screenshot of the ROAS analyzer window:

As we can see from the above data, the CPM has increased from 46 in the last 30 days to 98 in the last 7 days. This is your cue to control the CPM & improve your performance further up.

Below, I am attaching a list of articles that will be helpful for you to control these important metrics:

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