Suggested Creative Formats

  • Smart Ads

  • Single Image

  • Custom Carousel

  • Single Product Video

  1. Smart Ads

  • Predefined category ads - Instock Products, Most Viewed and Top Selling.

  • Category wise smart ads - Necklace, earring, bracelets, etc. Overwrite the catalog images to make them alluring.

  • Use Price Overlay at all times.

  • Use Strikethrough Overlay at the time of sale.

  1. Single Image

  • Suggested for top performing products.

  • Offer communication can be mentioned on the ad image.

  • The landing page should be the respective product page. In case of sale, the category or home page can be the landing page.

  1. Custom Carousel

  • Category wise custom carousel with Price/Strikethrough overlay.

  • Use customized Frame overlay during festive/sale season.

  • Influencer images will entice the viewer.

  • Use videos to create custom video carousels.

  • Use similar price range products.

  1. Single Product Videos

  • Testimonial/Influencer makeover video with the product provides better knowledge about the usage of the products.

  • Use trending background music to engage the audience.

  • Avoid using assorted product videos.

  • The landing page should be of that particular product.


  1.  Eye-catching Ad text for all ads

Ad text plays an important role in attracting customers to your ads by letting them know what your ads are about. Here are some practices that can be followed to ensure that we are making the most of the ad text


  • Highlight what makes your product unique

  • Empower customers to take action by using eye-catching and crispy ad text

  • In case of any offers running on the website then add them to the ad text  For example - A coupon code such as "CART10" with an additional 10% discount may help your CTR as well as your overall conversions. Users will browse your site for longer when they know that they can avail a discount

  • It should not be more than 3-4 lines

  • Add emoticons to the ad text making it more attractive