Every festival, occasion or event is just another way for your brand to connect with its customer. So, keeping a festival marketing plan in place is a fantastic idea for your brand.

  1. Visually Appealing Ads 

During Festive Season, since all the brands come up with exciting offers, we recommend running Single Image ads then with the offer highlight. 

● Suggested only during the time of Festive Sale/ Monthly sale 

● A separate landing page on the website is recommended for all the sale products 

● Should mention Discount % on the ad image.

  1. Customized Overlays

In every ad that you create during the Festive Season, do not forget to add overlays. Either you can self-customize your Custom Ad Images using Canva, etc. Or you can put overlays in your Ad using AdYogi Platform. While creating the ad, you will get such options.

  1.  Eye-catching Ad-texts

Ad-texts play a very important role in attracting customers to your ads by letting them know what your ads are about. Here are some practices that can be followed to ensure that we are making the most of the ad text: 

● Highlight what makes your product unique 

● Empower customers to take action by using eye-catching and crispy ad text 

● In case of any offers running on the website then add them to the ad text. 

For example - A coupon code such as "CART10" with an additional 10% discount may help your CTR as well as your overall conversions. Users will browse your site for longer when they know that they can avail a discount. 

● It should not be more than 3-4 lines.

● Add emoticons to the ad text making it more attractive.

  1. Custom Intent Audience - Festive Gifting

Custom segments help you define and reach your ideal audience by entering relevant keywords, URLs and apps. Adding a list of search terms related to festive giftings like Diwali, Karwachauth, Dhan teras, Bhai dooj and Navratri gifts can increase brand awareness and are best to target users who are mid- to low-funnel.

  1. Trigger your Past Buyers

Regardless of what industry you are in or what kinds of products and services you sell, your customer is the most important part of your business. Retargeting your past buyers of specific festive seasons helps in building deeper relationships. For example, stimulating your past years’ Diwali purchasers. 

  1. Plan a Festive Flash Sale

Flash Sale will incentivize impulse buying. According to research, we tend to impulse buy more during/just before the festivals. So why not make the most out of this with a planned flash sale? 

  1. Get your E-commerce website Festive Ready

Just how we dress up all nice & tidy during the festivals, it is important for our website to look the same. If the website gives festive vibes, users tend to stay longer on the website which helps us get better conversion. Secondly, it also means that we should showcase new inventory, some festive season deals, etc. to make sure we are able to retain the users on the website.

  1. Social Media Management to Rescue!

A good social media plan is the necessity to drive that organic traffic to your page & thus, to the website. Festive seasons offer businesses and brands an opportunity to break through the noise and unleash their creative side. From driving emotional messages with products to boosting sales through exciting messaging – your social media marketing must capture the festive flavor.

  1. USER GENERATED CONTENT (UGC) & Influencer Marketing is the new hotspot!

UGC & Influencer Marketing drives engagement like no other means of marketing strategy does. So what better way to promote your brand this festive season than running these kinds of ads?