Why ABO?
The automatic Budget optimization feature will eliminate the manual work of increasing and decreasing the budget automatically based on the campaign performance. It can help us in spending the budgets on the right campaign and if rules are set right will improve the overall ROAS in the longer run.

How to set up ABO? 

Go to the adyogi dashboard > Automations section > Budget optimisation > Scroll down to Facebook budget optimisation and turn the toggle on for starting the setup.


ABO should be used by everyone irrespective of spending. The following are some of the best practices of ABO: 

Budget of the clientFrequencyBudget change based on 
Less than 3 lakhs Weekly Last 7 days ROAS 
3 lakhs to 7 lakhsBi/Tri-Weekly Last 7 days ROAS 
Above 7 lakhs

Tri-Weekly / Daily

Last 3/1 day ROAS 

Rules need to be set separately for Prospect, engage and dynamic campaigns as the expectations aligned are separate for them. 


As a best practice for rules in Engage and dynamic campaigns, ROAS in comparison to prospect campaigns and frequency is taken into account. 

In Prospect campaigns, the condition is based on ROAS of the last 1, 3, and 7 days based on the budget of the brand. 

In engage campaign, the condition is to increase the budget if ROAS is more than 1.2x of PROAS (ROAS of prospect campaigns) and Frequency is less than 3.5. (number of days to be considered can vary as per spends). 

For dynamic campaigns:  The conditions are set separately for different windows (1 day, 7 days, and 30 Days) based on best practices. Just as in the case of dynamic ROAS comparison to prospect and frequency are taken as factors here.